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What is a Mental Health strategist

As the Good Mom Coach and CEO of Village Academy for Families, LLC, I partner with entrepreneurs, corporations, and moms to develop an individualized strategy to combat stress. Up to 90% of doctor visits and illnesses in the United States are related to stress. We are in a global mental health crisis and everyone responds to stress differently. Knowing which techniques to use is a daunting task which is why you need a mental health strategist. Using my experiences, education, and research, I develop personalized plans to help minimize stress at home and work for better health and well-being.

Speaker Topics

Decrease Workplace Stress to Increase Earnings

Of the 35 million moms in the workforce in the U.S., more than 27% report workplace burnout as the reason they plan to leave their job. It is reported that if companies find ways to reduce burnout, they are 20 times more likely to stay at their job. After hearing this presentation, entrepreneurs and corporations will walk away with strategies they can use to minimize workplace burnout and staff turnover to maximize their earning potential.

EASY Parenting for Busy Moms

After following my 4-step E.A.S.Y. system, moms are able to parent with more ease and flow to prevent the overwhelm and burnout that often comes with motherhood. I will take participants through the four steps so they can jump-start their parenting journey and develop a successful work – life flow.  Whether it’s your first child or your fifth child, you’ve gone through adoption or surrogacy, every mom can benefit from following this system. Watch this FREE Webinar to learn more.

Massage Everyday  for Optimal Health

Whether you’re trying to get your infant to sleep through the night or relieve your tension headache, there’s a massage technique for you. Massage is now considered to be as essential as diet and exercise for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Participants will learn specific massage techniques based on a given topic that they can incorporate into their everyday lifestyle because massage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Bully-Proof Kids for Safer Schools

This may be hard to hear but, our kids are NOT okay. They are experiencing increased anxiety associated with increased school violence in addition to the usual stresses of just trying to “fit in.” The Massage In Schools Program™ (MISP) is an international initiative to teach children how to use appropriate touch to build confidence, compassion, and conflict resolution skills. As a result, children are less likely to bully or be bullied, and they tend to do better in school.  Learn more HERE.

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